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Do you know how to brew a perfect cup of tea?

I just thought you boil water and pour it over a tea bag. Let it sit for a bit until the water changes colour and, in my case, scoop that bag out of there before it sits too long and makes the tea too strong. Add milk and sugar to taste. Cheers!

Simple stuff, no? 

fun tea mug

Well, as more Canadians - and milllenials in particular - are embracing specialty tea, things may not be so simple. 

And the key is not in the type of tea you choose or how you hold your pinky finger or even the cup you use (though we do have a few to recommend). 

It is in the ... stir. 

funny middle finger mug

According to one expert, the key is to stir in straight lines from top to bottom of the mug, gently and about six to 12 times. Don't stir around the mug and slow down your stir. 

The reasoning, according to The Jockey Club's etiquette expert Neil Phillips, is that you better blend the tea with the milk and sugar you add when you stir this way. 

So go ahead, get stirring and see if you notice a difference. 

(Mugs shown in this article can be found here and here.)

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