Order Custom Tea Mugs for Hot Tea Month

Design and order a custom tea cup for yourself or your tea drinking friends this #hotteamonth! With our online mug designer app you can simply upload your image or create a completely unique and personalized tea mug design in just a few minutes.

Pick up in Toronto & Ottawa or ship to rest of Canada.

Design & Order Custom Made Tea Cups

The tea industry has declared the month of January "Hot Tea Month", in hopes of getting more people interested in drinking tea.

Be sure to take your tea drinking to the next level, by sipping it from your own personalized tea cup.

Customize & Order Tea Cup Online


Extra Large Tea Mugs

If our 11 oz custom mugs are too small for you, we have nearly-bottomless 15 oz  tea mugs available too.

Order Custom Tea Mugs | Large Size

Different Custom Blank Tea Mug Sizes

Health Benefits to Drinking Tea

A new year usually means new beginnings. Maybe you are thinking about making the switch from coffee to tea? After all, there are many health benefits to drinking tea instead of coffee.

Did you know that...

  • Tea contains antioxidants
  • Tea could make your immune system better
  • Tea could contribute to weight loss
  • Tea doesn't contain as much caffeine as coffee does
  • Tea could help reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes 
  • Tea may make your bones stronger

Visit Toronto Tea Festival

If by the end of January, you're still thirsty for more delicious tea, be sure to check out the Toronto Tea Festival. This festival dedicated to tea is taking place at The Reference Library the first weekend of February. 

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