Give Your Sweetheart a Custom Photo Mug | Unique Gift for Valentine's Day

Put a picture of your darling's beautiful face on a photo mug or create your own set of unique couple coffee mugs! With our online mug designer you can create a romantic Valentine's gift in just minutes. Warning: May cause heart melting.

Choose a Custom Mug and Start Designing

You can trust that EVERY Valentine's Day mug you order from us is made with LOVE!

Same Day Photo Mugs for Valentine's Day Toronto

The days before Christmas, we experienced a welcomed rush of same day photo mug orders here at What The Mug headquarters in Toronto

We had the pleasure of helping a bunch of lovely people make unique gifts for their families, friends and co-workers. It was sweaty, but we did manage to get all orders done in time for Christmas!

Pick Up Your Custom Mug Order Within 24 Hours 

We had an especially amazing response from our local peeps and neighbors here in our own Junction 'hood. After placing their orders online, they were able pick up their personalised photo mugs in store within 24 hours.

If you need to order custom mugs in a rush, please send us your deadline through email so we know what you need. 

Pick Up Custom Photo Mugs in Ottawa

If you want to pick up custom photo mugs in Ottawa, make sure you get your orders in at least a week before Valentine's Day so we have enough time to finish your mugs and get them delivered to our custom mug pick up point in Ottawa.

Matching Mugs for Couples

Order Mugs for Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day this year, we hope our love mugs will be warming cold hearts all around Canada.

Both the Junction gift shop and the online mug shop have been filled up with romantic coffee mugs, cute mug pairs and funny Valentine's day gift mugs.

A love themed or custom made mug is a Valentine's Day gift idea that works for everyone - regardless of gender, age, personality or interests (well okay, if your boyfriend or girlfriend hates warm beverages - maybe don't give a mug, eh).

But since you can customize the mug print exactly as you want it, this is a great opportunity to create a truly personal and thoughtful Valentine's gift for your husband, wife or partner!

How Can I Customize My Own Mug?

  1. Use our online mug designer to make your own romantic design from scratch OR
  2. Use our mug design templates to create something amorous in your own graphic design software, like Photoshop or Illustrator OR
  3. Customize one of our designs by entering your own name or text

Valentine's Day Mugs Wholesale Canada

If you are a retailer looking to add high quality mugs to your store for Valentine's Day - get in touch with us NOW about volume discounts and ordering mugs in bulk.

Valentine's Day Coffee Mug Pairs for Couples

Check out all these brand new, cute mug pairs we have designed for you and your significant other.

Breakfast Themed Mug SetFunny Coffee Mugs for Couples

Valentines Day Gift IdeaGift Mug For Valentines Day

You can order these couple coffee mugs online and have them shipped right to your house, or come by the store and pick up your mug set in person.

Couples can enjoy a coffee or tea with individual mugs that fit together. For Valentine's Day we see a lot of interest in "His and Her" mugs, as well as "Mr & Mrs" mugs that you can customize with your own name.

Check Out:

You Are the Bacon to My Eggs Mug Set

You Are the Peanut Butter to My Jelly Mug Set


Funny Coffee Mugs for Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Maybe you're not quite ready to say 'I love you' yet, but that's OK! You can just use these mugs to let your Valentine's date know exactly how you feel. 

Funny Valentine's Day Mug

Order Funny Valentine's Day Mug


Write Custom Name on Heart Mug 

You can customize these romantic heart mugs in just SECONDS. All you have to do, is enter the initials you want on your mug, process the order, put your feet up and lean back.

Meanwhile, we'll put it all together and you end up with a personal gift made with minimal effort! 

Customize Mug For Valentine's Day Write Your Own Initials


Custom Love Mugs with Printed Interior

These adorable love coffee mugs with their special interior are so fresh in stock that we haven't even added them to the online custom mug shop yet. But we can hook you up if you send us an email!

Love Mug With Text on the Inside

Other Fun Valentine's Gift Ideas

Custom Wood Wall Art

Did you know what we can also put your pictures, photographs or custom text on wood? It's a great Valentine's gift for your husband or wife.

Read More: Put Your Picture on Wood

Valentine's Day Greeting Cards and In Store Items

You can pick up cute and funny Valentine's day gifts from People Power Press' one stop gift shop in Toronto. 

Right now, they got plenty of socks, greeting cards and other Valentine's Day gifts  that are both funny and genuinely adorable.

Funny Greeting Card and Funny Socks for Valentine's Day

Wishing you a Valentine's Day full of love and romance!