Your Picture on Wood | Do Something Different with Your Photos

A wood photo print is a refined and sophisticated way to display photos and images. Send us your picture and we will infuse it directly on a maple wood panel.

You get a personalized piece of wall art to enjoy and admire. A photo on wood is also an amazing customized gift for your family and friends. 

Most people recognize the value of hiring a professional photographer for those special occasions in life that they want to remember forever - the weddings, baptisms, Bar Mitzvahs, retirement parties, grandma's 80th birthday party...

But what do you do with those beautiful wedding pictures once you have received them? 

Putting your own photo on wood will add life and character to your photo. The organic material adds a sense of wanderlust and nature to your home.

Note that the photo is not mounted to the wood, it's transferred directly onto the wood panel. This method creates a translucent effect on your photo, meaning the wood will "shine through" the image. 

The picture blends in to the wooden texture and gives it a warm, rustic, vintage feeling.  

Wedding Photo on Wood from What the Mug Toronto

For this wedding photo in the forest, the top and bottom of the image have been faded away to make the wood stand out even more.

In addition to putting images on wood, we can also put your image on a photo metal plate

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