Why Mugs Make the Best Personalized Wedding Gifts for Wedding Party and for The Couple

Looking for a gift this wedding season that will really mean something to the bride and groom or your wedding party?

Mugs may seem like a simple idea, but it really can be this simple. Whether you just gift the mug or build a gift around the mug, personalized mugs are a perfect gift this wedding season. Here's a few reasons why!

Coffee or Tea Loving Couple? 

Is the couple crazy about their coffee or tea? Maybe there were a lot of coffee shop dates in those early days of being a couple or the bride and groom have a super fancy espresso machine and love to get it going when entertaining in their home. 

WTM Design Collection includes His & Hers / Hers & Hers / His & His mugs you can customize or have fun and create your own designs that will mean something to the bride and groom. You can make it funny with an inside joke or make a design to match their decor. These mugs could be a personalized part of a larger gift that includes other tea or coffee-related goodies. 

Personalized Mugs for The Wedding Party

Your wedding party has been with you each step of the way to your big day. Gift them all with special personalized mugs to enjoy coffee while getting ready the morning of the wedding day.  This idea has Instagram written all over it, just sayin'!

wedding party gifts canada handmade

You can all have the same design or come up with a unique design for each person, including anyone you want to thank beyond the wedding party for taking part in your day. We have the Custom Floral Ring Mug and the Custom Floral Mug designs available for your bridal party or come up with your own!

Custom Mugs for Wedding Favours

Whether coffee or tea plays a part in your wedding day theme or your couple story or not, mugs can still make an awesome wedding favour for your guests.

Mugs are always practical gifts to give. And depending on what kind of party you throw, that mug (with some strong coffee) may come in handy the next day while serving as a great little reminder of the event for months and even years to follow! 

We have full design services in house so if you have an idea for what you want to see on the mug, just let us know and we can make it happen. We also have a variety of mug designs available to choose from.