Unique and Inexpensive Gift Ideas For Employees

Look here for 2018's best holiday gift idea for the office - A personal gift mug for each of your employeesCustomize or create your own design online. Receive volume discounts and save on shipping by picking up from one of our stores.

Create And Order Customized Mugs from What The Mug Christmas Gift for Employees

October is the perfect time for companies and offices to start shopping around for employee holiday gifts. If you are looking to place an order for any kind of personalized gift, you want to do so early in the season.

Our Custom Mug Sizes and Styles

December is certainly a busy time for all custom gift companies like What The Mug. We will be working as hard as Santa's elves once the holiday gift orders start to roll in during the next upcoming weeks. 

A personal mug is a great gift idea for employees, especially when you are on a budget. Individual custom mugs come to the low price of $14 plus tax  We do apply a generous discount to your order, when you order a larger quantity of custom mugs.

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Top 3 Personalized Gift Mugs For Work

1. Custom Hello Mug 

This could be a potential icebreaker for the holiday party.

Hello My Name Is... And I Love... Before ordering these, make sure to take down some notes, get to know your co-workers, pick up on the inside jokes.

Find out your colleagues' passions and interests (or deepest darkest secrets! just kidding) and put it on a mug. 

Hello My Name Is Custom MugMug You can Personalize With Your Own Name and TextGift Mug With Personalized Message

This type of personalized mug requires very little design work - just enter your text in the order form and we'll take care of the rest. 

2. World's Okayest Mug

You don't want to set the standard too high around the office, especially not during the holiday season. Let your employee know that being the okayest is also worth an award gift mug!

 Novelty Award Gift Mug With Customized Message

 Just as the Custom Hello Mug, you can choose your own text.

3. Custom Designed Company Gift Mug

Maybe you already have a graphic designer who has designed a mug design for you? Great! Please direct them to our mug print templates.

You can also use our built in design software to upload an image, and add some text to your mug. It's all in 3D, which makes it really easy to see on the computer screen how your mug will turn out in real life! Just click 'Customize' and try it out!

Our team of affordable graphic designers are also here to assist with coming up with a fun, personal mug design that will bring joy to all of your employees this holiday season. 

Design services start as low as $20 (plus tax).


Punny Animals Mug Set

This one is not a customized gift, but nevertheless a fun holiday gift idea for the office!

Radical Silly Animal Portrait Puns On Mugs


Pick up in person from one of our retail stores (yay, free shipping). What The Mug has pick up locations in Toronto (Inside of People Power Press) or Ottawa (PPPBoutique, 169 Preston Street).

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