The Perfect Toronto and Canada Themed Souvenirs | Custom Souvenir Mugs Toronto

Are you traveling through Toronto or Canada and want to take home the perfect souvenir? 

Or are you traveling out of the city or country and want to carry a gift from home with you?

The Perfect Canada and Toronto Souvenirs 

Bypass the typical airport fare with some of our very own Toronto and Canada mugs. If you want your mug to rep another city, we can do that too! 

You can choose from some of these current mug collections:

Canada Mug Collection

canada theme mugoh canada mug design perfect Canada souvenir made in Toronto

what the mug canadian cities mugs

Toronto Mug Collection

perfect toronto mug made in torontoToronto skyline gift idea mug

gift for drake fan toronto drake mug

Photo Souvenir Mugs

You can also have a photo from your trip put onto the mug for something that is truly personal and means something to you. Find out more about making photo mugs here!

Large Order Souvenir Mugs for Resellers

If you are a retailer who sells souvenirs, we can also print large custom mug orders that you can then resell as a part of your business. Contact us for more information and turnaround times for large orders. 

Practically speaking, if you are traveling, mugs are a light and compact item that can be added easily to your luggage and you can use over and over again. 

These mugs are fun gifts for graduates and students moving to a new city or country or just nice to have if you aren't traveling, but just love where you live!

Our Canada, Toronto and other Canadian cities collections are always growing so be sure to check back in to see what new designs we have!