The Perfect Secret Santa Gift | Custom Mug and Water Bottles

Does your office run a perennial Secret Santa gift exchange? If so, make sure you get the price for most fun and creative this year ... without spending a lot of money!

perfect secret santa gifts

Here are some ideas for how to create a winning Secret Santa mug or water bottle design:

  • Photo Mug - Find a fun (and try for flattering) photo of your co-worker to put on a mug or water bottle. Add additional text or just keep it simple. That's up to you Santa. ;)
  • Photo Collage - Do you have a bunch of images on your phone of silly office antics or special moments with your co-worker? If you can't choose just one image to use, then use 'em all by putting the photos together. This works especially well with the custom Wraparound Mug option. 

funny gift for coworker

  • Funny Text - Inside Joke or Fun Unofficial Title - This mug will be your co-workers new staple at the office so put a fun message on the mug for them to carry around. Is your office mate the office chocoholic or workaholic? Maybe they are the person at the office who is the resident funny guy or dancer? Put that joke or title on the mug, either with a super simple Text Design or put a photo on one side and the text on the other.
  • All Their Favourite Things - This is much like the photo collage, but this time include images of all the things they like. Maybe a sports team or type of coffee they like. Maybe they always have food from the same fast food place and are always getting the same thing. Put pics of those things onto the mug. They will appreciate that you know so much about them and their likes (or dislikes).

funny secret santa gift

  • Add a Name to An Existing WTM Design Don't worry if you aren't a designer or don't have a ton of time to get creative. We have a bunch of customizable designs that allow you to add your own name/text to a design we've already come up with. If you see a mug design you'd like to add to a water bottle instead, just let us know at time of ordering what image you would like to use and what the text should be.
  • Water Bottles for Non-Coffee/Tea Drinkers Your co-worker not into hot drinks? No worries. We have custom water bottles too! And you can feel good know that you are supporting an end to single-use plastics in the workplace so warm fuzzies all around. 

custom water bottle gift idea

And after you have designed your super awesome Secret Santa mug or water bottle ... be a real office hero and pair the mug with one of their favourite treats like a coffee gift card, bag of their favourite coffee beans or box of tea, or a sweet little treat. Trust us, this will leave you with a great Secret Santa idea that is thoughtful and affordable. 

Contact us today if you need help making this gift a reality. And don't worry if you've left it to the last minute because we make mugs quickly and can even have them ready the same day you place your order. We a fast mug-making elves. ;)