5 Reasons Why Custom Mugs Make the Perfect Teacher Gift

Any parent will tell you when it comes to June, coming up with a thoughtful and appropriate teacher gift year after year can be a challenge. And let's not forget bus drivers and crossing guards and volunteers and any other person who has helped take care of our kiddos and been a part of their day throughout the school year. It can seem like a lot when all you want to do is show your appreciation for their efforts, right?

Well, we have a real simple solution for you: Mugs. Custom mugs for everyone!

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Here are some of the reasons why custom mugs make the perfect teacher's gift:

1. Mugs are affordable, but still personal and totally practical. The hunt for the perfect teacher gift can be time consuming and can start to get expensive if you have a few people on your list. But mugs are useful gifts that don't have to cost a lot. You can get a custom design or choose from our WTM designs

2. Mugs are great for tea and coffee drinkers alike. Mugs hold any liquid so you won't go wrong even if you aren't sure if your kid's teacher drinks coffee. If you know what your child's teacher likes to drink, bonus! Pair the mug with a gift card to a nearby coffee shop or you can add some tea bags or coffee beans for them to make at school or at home.

3. Mugs can be customized with a special message or image. Is there are special image or saying that means something to your child and their teacher? Put that on a mug for a truly special and personal gift that they can hold onto for years to come. 

4. Mugs pair well with that coffee shop gift card. We get it. Getting a handful of gift cards from one of those coffee shop chains is so easy and you can't really go wrong. But mugs jazz up that gift card really quick and together serve up the perfect pairing. 

 5. There's a mug for everyone! Even if you don't choose to come up with a custom design, you can choose from one of the WTM designs. Choose one for all personality types. We've got you covered!