Surprise Them With a Personalized Heat Changing Mug | Custom Gifts Toronto

Are you looking for a gift that will really surprise your special person? Custom mugs are great, but now we have custom heat changing mugs. These magic mugs will still let you print your own custom design, but the image is hidden to look like a plain black mug, only to be revealed when a hot beverage is added to the cup. 


heat changing mugs toronto

It is kind of a cool effect and you can have a lot of fun with this style of mug. Here are just a few things we've had printed on the Magic Mug:

  • NSFW Mug - Intimate lingerie pictures of yourself for your significant other will only be revealed when you add a hot drink, but that drink will not be the only thing getting hot with this mug; 
  • Funny Text Message - Put a funny or shocking message on the cup that will really surprise them and get them in stiches;
  • Surprise Announcement - Thinking of a different way to tell your parents they will now be grandparents then put your baby announcement onto the magic mug, same goes for wedding proposals; 
  • Anything else that seems like it would be best gifted with a special reveal!

Check out these special mugs in more detail here.

These mugs are printed the same way as our other custom mugs and water bottles so we can still do same-day orders if needed and make to ship them real fast too! Just get in touch if you have any questions before you place your order.