Custom Mugs for Political Parties & Election Campaigns

Conservative Party Coffee Mugs
It's 2019, Canada! 

Time for another election year! 

In this moment, political parties around the country are filling up their swag shops with fresh designs for the upcoming election.

If you are looking to add coffee mugs to your range of merchandise, we can make you high quality ceramic mugs featuring your party logo or campaign slogan.

Use our online mug designer or mug templates to create your own 2019 election coffee mugs. 

Why Should I Sell Campaign Merchandise? 

Merchandise creates ongoing advertising that people will pay you for.

While we are living in the era of kickstarter campaigns and go-fund-me initiatives, donors almost expect to receive something in return for their donations. 

A Powerful Way to Cement Your Political Brand

Campaign merchandise doesn't just create additional streams of revenue to your political campaign. It also contributes to building your brand as a politician or political party. It's a way to cement the political message and political values of your election platform. 

Selling Merch Will Boost Your Social Media

Liberal Party Coffee Mugs
Branded mugs and other political merchandise can modernize your campaign and improve your social media presence.

Political swag provides you easy, engaging and excellent content that will connect you with voters on social media.

Watch as voters start posting pictures of themselves sipping morning coffee from one of your branded mugs.

Re-post in your own channels to create that connection.

No need to pay for social media ads!

How to Order Custom Made Political Mugs

  1. Pick your mug type
    You can choose to put your political design on either custom 11oz mugs or custom 15oz mugs. In time for the election, we've ordered in mugs with coloured interiors and handles, you can choose between red or blue! Send us an email for this premium mug option. 

  2. Create your design
    Click 'customize' to use our built in mug designer app. It makes it easy to upload an image, or create a text design. If you prefer using Photoshop, Illustrator or another design software, please check out our downloadable mug design templates.

  3. Pay for your order
    We require payment upfront for all custom orders. 

  4. Pick up your mugs in store or have them delivered
    Save on shipping when you pick up your mugs from one of our pick up locations in Toronto, Ottawa or Napanee.


If you are looking to order custom mugs in bulk, and would like to receive volume discounts, please get in touch with us for a quote.

Happy campaigning!

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