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So you are traveling and want to carry the perfect souvenir with you. Souvenirs are tricky because you want something that should be useful, but that won't break your travel budget (save your money to blow on the local eats, right?!) and is light for carrying on a plane. 

best idea for souvenir

The word souvenir means "to remember" (French) or "to occur in the mind" (Latin). Either way, a souvenir should then also have some special meaning to it along with all the practical considerations listed above. When the recipient holds that thing, they should then remember the place it comes from.

So you know what we are going to say, don't you? A mug is the perfect souvenir - affordable, light, easy to pack, useful and meaningful. 

Put Your Favourite Travel Memories on A Mug

If you have a favourite image of the city, you can place your order for your mug online in minutes or come into the store and do it here. With same day mug printing you can get that mug fast without disrupting your travel plans.

how to get photos printed on a mug

You can even go through your phone's stored images and put one of your favorite moments from your trip onto the mug.

We are so serious when we say getting a custom mug made with us is easy and fast. We have an online mug designer will literally take minutes to use. It will allow you to easily upload images, even from your Facebook or Instagram feeds, add text with a bunch of font styles and colours and resize your images as needed. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. ;)

Ready Made Souvenir Mugs - Toronto, Ottawa or Any City!

Of course, if you are looking for something ready-made, then we have that as well. We just designed the Toronto souvenir mug pictured above. It is available in our Toronto store and for ordering online.

We also have some other Toronto and a number of Canada mugs that you can choose from. One of our first WTM mug originals was even a Drake mug that is a still a great seller!


The Impact of Mug Souvenir Story from Psychology Today (External Link)

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