How to Make Meme Mugs for Hilarious Gifts | Custom Gift Ideas

We had a crazy busy - and awesome - holiday run here at our little mug printing shop. So many mugs and we are so very grateful for that. Thaaaaank you!

One of the best things we saw when all you creative (and a little last minute) mug shoppers placed your orders were meme mugs

Memes - those instantly shareable joke images with the same bold white text - are all over social media to make our lives a bit more silly and fun.

Well, why not put your favourite meme onto a mug? Here is how easy it is:

1. Find The Perfect Meme Online

It is as easy as taking the image directly from your Facebook or Instagram feed and putting it directly into our online mug designer. You do not even need to download and then upload. 

get meme printed on mug

Place onto the mug either on one side only or both sides. And if it looks better you can wrap the image around the mug with our Wraparound Mug option. 

2. Make Your Own Meme 

For some more fun, you can create your own meme. And it doesn't even need to go viral as it can just live on your mug. Find a funny photo in your camera roll or in your personal archives (think childhood photos or any silly photo from the past) and then add your own text for a wonderfully perfect inside joke. 

what is meme font

To give it the authentic meme look, upload your photo in our online mug designer and then add your text using Impact font in white with a black outline. Go all caps and bold. 

Done. (We dare you to make just one mug.)

Designing your own mug has never been so easy and fun. It really does only take a few minutes to create your mug design online and we can even make your mug for same day pick up. Just give us a call or email us letting us know you need it fast and we can confirm when your mug(s) will be ready!