Hot or Iced Coffee This Summer? | Summer Coffee Trends

When it is hot outside, do you switch up your regular coffee run habits? Do you do swap hot brew coffee for something with ice or do you keep on sipping it hot?

There do seem to be more and more cold options if you are a coffee drinker looking to sip it cold come summertime. Here are some summer coffee trends to look out for and try:

1. Florals in Your Cup - Think lavender, rose and more. This trend applies to coffee and tea. It also applies to aesthetics of what colour your drink is. Really, there is a pink drink trend happening that seems to be another offshoot of the massive millennial pink trend we have seen take over Instagram and beyond. 

lavender latte mugs

(Pictured: Feminist Floral Mug)

2. Under the Influence of Beer - Cold brew coffee was just one trend that has been influenced by craft brewery industry. Seeing coffee in cans and with new, unique flavour combinations are very reminiscent of craft brews.

3. Casacara - Coffee, But Not Coffee - Starbucks has hopped onto this trend along with the others, but cascara is a coffee cherry tea (um, coffee and tea, how does that work?) Cascara is the dried husks of the coffee cherry, but it doesn't taste like coffee and does not have the caffeine content of a coffee. It tastes more like an herbal tea than coffee so yeah, coffee and tea. 

coffee lover mug

(Pictured: I Need Coffee Mug)

What other coffee trends are you seeing?

What ones have you tried and do you recommend?

Remember when our parents and grandparents just drank coffee, plain and simple? It is a whole new coffee world out there. Cheers!