Ditch Plastic Water Bottles at Work with Branded Water Bottles

We all know just how bad single use plastics are for the environment, but we are still busy using them, including plastic bottles.

Do you know that a staggering 1 million plastic bottles are bought PER MINUTE around the world? Yikes!

So what does single use plastic use look like at your workplace? We know we need to stay hydrated throughout the day, but are you and your co-workers using reusable water bottles? 

plastic facts

(Source: Waste Reduction Week in Canada)

If you want to take some leadership in the workplace, consider giving everyone custom branded water bottles that can be reused. It is a simple step that can directly impact the recent stats dished out during the recent Waste Reduction Week Canada

where to get photos on swell style water bottles

 And you don't have to just slap a logo onto a water bottle, if you want to do something more creative. Just like our custom mugs, you can put photos and custom messages onto our water bottles, so make it fun if you want to! 

Consider including any kind of inside joke or a phrase or mantra or motto that gets used often in your workspace.

Now you are doing good for the environment and inspiring some positive and fun company culture at the same time, boom!

Here are some great resources for reducing waste in your business courtesy of Waste Reduction Week in Canada. 

Creating your water bottle design is easy with our online designer. You can order for a small team or a large team. Order one or a bunch. And get 'em fast because we can do same-day printing!

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