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Brew some new revenue in your coffee shop with custom branded coffee mugs and tea cups. Keep reading to find out how brand merchandise can help boost your brand identity and make your café more profitable!

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While diligently working on custom mug orders, it's nice to be able to step outside the shop for a moment to grab a coffee at one of the many great neighborhood coffee spots on our street here in the Junction - like CremaThe Good Neighbour Espresso Bar and UB Social.

These days, indie coffee shops like the ones in our west Toronto neighborhood know that they have to offer the customers something more than just great coffee.

Serving up the most deliciously fresh brews doesn't seem to be enough for most cafes, and many business owners start asking themselves "how can I make my coffee shop profitable?"

We see cafes, restaurants and diners all around Canada looking for coffee shop merchandise ideas that will increase sales and promote their businesses. And which retail product would make more sense to have in your coffee shop than custom made mugs?

Having and selling your own custom made coffee shop mugs comes with many benefits. They can for example help you:

  • Create a new line of revenue for your cafe
  • Enhance your coffee shop's brand identity
  • Promote your coffee business

Let's face it, no matter how fancy your coffee is, you will never be able to charge more than a few dollars per cup.

To make your cafe business go around, you will have to be creative and look at additional lines of revenue that will work for your coffee shop.

Check here if you are looking for some fun ready-to-order designs to sell in your retail shop.

And you don't have to sell just cups - buttons, magnets, coasters, stickers and signs  are other affordable logo products to sell in your café. 

Espresso Yourself Coffee Mug

In addition to gaining a new revenue line, having your own customized coffee and tea mugs, will also add something extra to the guest experience.

No matter if you run a rustic summer cafe in cottage country or a modern, high end café downtown - by communicating your brand identity to the customer through custom printed mugs, you will create an experience for your customer that goes beyond "just grabbing a coffee".

Selling logo merchandise in your restaurant, bar or cafe allows customers to keep participating in your business. When they purchase your brand mug, they bring it into their homes and feel like they have a piece of YOUR place there with them, isn't that just precious when you think about it?

Latte Art Heart Design On Coffee Mug

Brand merchandise can also boost your online marketing strategy! Consider setting up a custom made merchandise store on your website, it could help your coffee shop gain more traffic and get noticed online. Promotional mugs are also a great prize idea for social media contests!

If you are looking to order a large amount of custom made mugs, please get in touch with us today - we have volume discounts to offer you!

Order online and save on shipping costs when you pick up in person from one of our locations in Toronto, Ottawa or Napanee